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Setting up an in-house SBA lending department has its challenges. Finding employees with the kind of highly specialized knowledge required to get up and running smoothly can take some time.


With LRM Lender Consultants on your team, you can start with a modest staff that we will train to operate with a high level of competence right from the start. We are able to guide the employees of our lender/clients through every unique nuance in the SBA Loan process. We work together in a day-to-day partnership role, sharing our three decades worth of SBA Lending experience.



Compliance, how to build it and how to maintain it, is the number one goal of any SBA lending department. Choosing LRM Lender Consultants as a training resource will ensure that employees are positioned to maximize their strengths.  Your staff will learn the type of methodical thinking necessary when underwriting, processing, closing, servicing and liquidating SBA loans. We are clear communicators and eager to share our knowledge in a way that will quickly bring every team member up to speed according to the unique requirements of each employee. This effective partnership emphasizes individual achievement within the strict confines of SBA guidelines. Compliance keeps your guarantee intact and LRM Lender Consultants can help create a solid process that will allow an SBA Loan department to flourish.




LRM Lender Consultants can also make available conventional training modules, created for individual subjects. Training, whether in person or live-streamed can be customized to your institution’s SBA needs.  We focus on the SBA knowledge while pulling in your current case studies in the Q&A, giving your team a chance for that hands on experience.


In a field of constant rule-changes, an LRM webinar features up to the minute information and our personal guidance to help navigate through compliance pitfalls and assure that your guarantee stays intact.


A training partnership with LRM Lender Consultants is the best way for an SBA lender to get started from scratch or to refine the process in an already up and running SBA Loan department.


Call LRM Lender Consultants at 877-576-0819 and together we will create an effective course of action that will grow your SBA lending business.

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