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About LRM Lender Consultants

At LRM Lender Consultants, we believe that successful small businesses are the foundation of a strong economy. Decades of SBA Lender Service Provider (LSP) performance have earned LRM a reputation as a go-to resource for lenders in this specialized field. We have a passion for supporting small business and we make that happen by helping lenders to meet the needs of small business owners in their communities. Always up-to-date with the latest SBA guidelines and regulations, we can immediately take steps to assist with problems or bottlenecks in an existing SBA loan process as well as use our capabilities to create and train an entire SBA loan department from scratch.




We are counselors and educators, interested in sharing the specialized knowledge that will enable SBA loan professionals to adhere to government compliance requirements, while still being able to navigate the nuances and generate loans that can be tailored to each client’s individual need. When it comes to overcoming the challenges of SBA Loan programs, we know the right questions to ask and have the experience to identify the options.



SBA loans demand constant scrutiny to accommodate ever-changing compliance rules. It can sometimes be easy to get lost in the red tape. At LRM, we are more than a confident, calm voice on the other end of the phone. As Lender Service Providers, we are authorities on SBA loan processing and compliance, and we regard everyone we do business with as more than just a client. We work as partners, and together we can develop a foundation for a successful SBA Loan program or shore up areas of concern within an existing program.


Whether your institution needs a little advice, help with an existing problem or a comprehensive SBA loan review, contact LRM Lender Consultants at 877-576-0819 and let’s talk about how LRM can be a key resource for all of your SBA lending needs.

Lori N. McCausland


LRM CEO Lori McCausland is a planner and strategist with decades of commercial and SBA lending experience on tap to guide LRM clients through any challenge. She’s an expert in improving workflow, identifying compliance issues, and improving efficiency in existing SBA loan departments. Known as a clear communicator, relationship builder and an expert in staff training, Lori McCausland has helped over 100 financial institutions build and expand their SBA loan programs. In the event of SBA problems due to employee turnover or neglect, Lori is an expert in assessing and planning effective, tiered responses aimed at correcting the situation as quickly as possible.


Detail-oriented and knowledgeable in all stages of SBA loans, from eligibility to servicing to department creation and staff training, Lori is a steady hand and a strong voice in the often-complicated environment of SBA Lending.

Rebecca L. Mendoza


Rebecca Mendoza is an energetic problem-solver who can quickly digest a problem and offer decisive actions to diffuse a high-pressure situation. From a multi-disciplinary background, Rebecca entered commercial and SBA lending with an instinctual outside-the-box thought process. Her early studies in psychology and the arts were put to creative use in forming the track of her career.


Now with over two decades of SBA loan expertise, Rebecca has proven to be a thinker and problem-solver who works fast on her feet and is able to handle multiple client tasks with the kind of confidence that only years of establishing, growing and servicing SBA lending departments can give. A student at heart, Rebecca Mendoza is always on the cutting edge of SBA lending, with particular expertise in underwriting to liquidations, portfolio management and overall SBA lending operations.

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