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Consulting Services

Consulting services are only as effective as the experience and wisdom of the people offering it. With SBA Loan expertise spanning three decades, the principals at LRM Lender Consultants have proven to be the winning addition to over 100 SBA lending institutions. At LRM, our primary interest is in the long-term well-being of our lender/partners and the small business communities that they serve. As consultants, we make available our comprehensive SBA Loan expertise and we are far more than just a reassuring voice at the other end of the line. Our clients know who we are, and we take the time to get to know them beyond their needs in the SBA Loan environment.




The LRM reputation as strategy-minded planners is enhanced by the input of our lending institution partners. We are easily reachable and always ready to answer a simple SBA compliance query or to engage in a more strategic brainstorming session for those in-depth grey areas that are common in SBA Lending. We believe in the strength of a robust small business community and are dedicated to assisting SBA lenders to safely grow their business and, in turn, improve the communities they serve.




It’s not just about numbers. LRM is not a simple transactional company. We think of ourselves as relationship builders and we prove that every day by cultivating trust and familiarity with our lenders.  It’s easy for lenders to get hung up on small issues and by bringing in LRM as a consulting partner, we can demonstrate how to smooth out processes and build confidence within your team. Most of our clients begin with an initial consulting package and then transition us into a more of passive “Safety Net” role. In nearly any situation, LRM Lender Consultants can make quick sense of the SBA puzzle pieces, saving time and refining the SBA lending process.


The SBA lending landscape is constantly shifting. Partnering with LRM Lender Consultants will help to keep your team on solid ground, your guarantees intact and your program in compliance with current SBA requirements.


Contact LRM Lender Consultants at 877-576-0819 and let’s talk about how LRM can be a key resource for all of your SBA lending needs

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