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Best Practices

The experts at LRM Lender Consultants have over three decades’ worth of SBA lending experience. In that time, they have developed and refined SBA Loan Best Practices through direct application and there is no SBA Lender Service Provider better equipped to guide your financial institution through the SBA compliance maze. 



To generate new business in the SBA Loan arena, lending institutions must first adopt proven ground-level procedures. LRM Lender Consultants will come in as a partner for the time it takes to establish your institution’s best loan policies within strict SBA guidelines.


 We will ascertain and assist in defining and assigning responsibilities within your departments. Quality SBA loans are the result of relentless examination of both documentation and procedure.



LRM is known for taking an individual interest in the success of every member of your SBA Team. We move and expand your SBA Loan business by providing our advanced knowledge and disciplined philosophy in all levels of the SBA Process. From initial eligibility to underwriting, to closing and post-closing servicing, LRM provides a clear and reliable path to long-term SBA Loan health.




Nothing stands still in the modern banking environment and one important SBA compliance rule is that lenders must stay up-to-date on loan program requirements. The SBA also wants to see a genuine effort by the lender to understand their borrowers and the financial trends that are associated with them. LRM is always available to perform quick annual “safety net” checks or more detailed assessments aimed at coping with changing situations that lending institutions have little control over. Our newsletters and webinars are designed to keep our clients current and we are always happy to step back into the office for hands-on consulting and ongoing training.


Whether your institution needs a little advice, help with an existing problem or a comprehensive SBA loan review, contact LRM Lender Consultants at 877-576-0819 and let’s talk about how LRM can be a key resource for all of your SBA lending needs.

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