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What Our Clients Are Saying

Success in SBA lending can always be measured by the strength and size of your portfolios. At LRM Lender Consultants, we sometimes find that the words of our clients can better illustrate why we are the go-to resource for all of their Lender Service Provider needs.

"Our bank was completely reliant on Rebecca and her expertise to handle the processing, servicing, and review of the SBA loan portfolio. Rebecca can turn a complicated process into something manageable and understandable for all parties involved. Rebecca has extensive knowledge of the SOP for both processing and servicing, so she can easily answer lender inquiries and customer questions. Rebecca is also extremely responsive, patient, and accommodating of lender timeframes. Her attention to detail gave the bank the confidence that nothing would be overlooked and that the efficiency of the process was at a maximum."

Holly M.  |  National SBA Lender

"Our Bank has had the pleasure of working with Lori McCausland for several years on a consulting basis providing our Bank with the highest level of quality service for SBA lending solutions. Demonstrating an impressive depth of experience, Lori was instrumental in providing needed SBA expertise, documentation, compliance information, and training, as well as being a constant source of knowledge for any lending scenario. At any time, we could always reach Lori, and she is extremely pleasant to work with – knowledgeable, patient, and effective. 
Lori is a true industry expert who has been invaluable to my department as well as our Bank.

Kathleen E.  |  SoCal SBA Lender

"My bank and I have worked directly with Rebecca for over 10 years, and she has been an absolute blessing from day one!  Working for a bank with very limited SBA staffing, she makes the many different aspects of SBA lending painless and worry free.  I have always appreciated the personal service, and I often feel like I am her only client.  She is very timely returning calls, emails and is always there for me when I have questions on the SOP, or to discuss unique situations.  My bank and I truly appreciate her deep expertise and consider her to be our bank's SBA expert!"

Donald P.  |  SE Regional SBA Lender

"As the new Head of SBA Lending in 2020, I knew that I had some significant challenges and hurdles to overcome.  I was inheriting a legacy portfolio that included loans acquired in acquisition, neglected and no longer in good standing.  I also was tasked with revamping our program, ensuring its success and maintaining our PLP status.…enter Rebecca & Lori. Having had the pleasure of working with both of these ladies at a previous institution years ago, we knew immediately that they were the team to come in and effectively assist us in remediation of the SBA portfolio which included intensive Liquidation & Servicing; the build out of new Policies, Procedures, and SOP’s; along with training for 200+ bankers. Within a matter of months, with the guidance and tireless efforts of these two consummate professionals we successfully executed a complete overhaul and tune-up of what now is a well-oiled SBA lending business unit. Thank you, Rebecca and Lori!"  

Sam O.  |  SoCal SBA Lender

"I have benefited from Lori’s vast SBA knowledge and expertise on a professional basis for two years.  She has provided support for all aspects of the SBA Lender process.  Her expertise provides us with a wealth of guidance on customer analysis, SOP regulations and utilizing SBA Etran for SBA Loan Servicing.  She has always been quick to respond and available for a call if needed."  

Karen C. |  Pacific Southwest Lender

"Our work with Rebecca & Lori on our annual loan reviews has allowed us to enhance our processes and procedures, strengthen our portfolio and support staff with training.  In addition to the loan reviews, they have brought a depth of experience to our program by augmenting our intensive servicing, collections and liquidations processes. With their partnership we were able to manage a stressed legacy portfolio with confidence while we looked for a new staff member after an unexpected staffing change."  

Eric  |  Nationwide Non-Bank Lender

"We initially worked with Rebecca Mendoza and Lori McCausland on a cleanup project related to an acquired SBA portfolio. The portfolio was mature and significantly deteriorated.  Lori and Rebecca were invaluable in helping us prepare and successfully resolve a large quantity of SBA liquidation filings. Lori and Rebecca became a part of our team from the first phone call and their leadership and extensive expertise guided us through the project. They are responsive and have the ability to simplify and communicate complex issues. Our initial project is complete but our relationship continues. Anytime we need advice on any aspect of SBA lending, we contact Rebecca and Lori!"  

Kathy M. |  SE Regional Lender

"Lori and Rebecca at LRM Lender Consultants have been long time “go to” resources for our Credit Union’s SBA Lending Team. They are adept at helping us navigate everything from facilitating staff training to completing liquidations and recoveries. They leverage their years of experience in the field to help us efficiently accomplish our needs. Everyone should have a Lori or Rebecca in their toolbox!"  

Jennifer G. |  SE Regional Lender

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