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Intensive Servicing & Liquidation

Every lender at some point has to deal with a troubled or neglected portfolio. Sometimes changes take place that make a loan difficult to administer or collect upon. SBA rules and timetables can add pressure to an already concerning situation. When potential risk-of-loss arises, LRM Lender Consultants should be the first phone call. We can offer calm, knowledgeable advice that will be followed up with decisive and coordinated action. We think of our lender/clients as partners and we step in as a part of their team, sort of like designated hitters in a tough inning. We can also act as a second set of eyes to assess an existing lender’s response or do the actual heavy lifting and formulate an effective plan of action from scratch.




Shifts in the economy can dramatically affect some portfolios, sometimes resulting in the necessary liquidation of assets and collateral. In many cases employee turnover has left older portfolios orphaned. LRM can quickly digest any SBA Loan situation, relieve some of the SBA department’s burden and present the best way forward. It may be as simple as offering advice or as time consuming as digging to locate documentation, identifying alternatives and assisting with obtaining necessary SBA approvals. To preserve the SBA guarantee, strict actions and timeline compliance must be observed. This can be a complex process and the experts at LRM are ready with as much help as is needed.



At LRM our long-standing reputation as effective, detail-oriented problem solvers gives our client/partners an extra measure of confidence in what can be a time of elevated pressure and concern. We know SBA Loan procedures and we know where to focus our intensive servicing efforts. Check out our testimonials page and listen to what our actual client/partners have to say about our performance.


Don’t hesitate. Call LRM Lender Consultants at 877-576-0819 and together we will create an effective course of action.

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