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Packaging & Closing

SBA loans can be complicated, and an efficient SBA Loan department requires a staff that is both experienced and detail oriented. LRM Lender Consultants can assist with SBA Loan documentation, preparation, review and submission to assist our lender/partners in achieving a consistently successful rate of closing.



As a retained source of SBA Loan expertise, LRM Lender Consultants routinely assists with Packaging and provides oversight during the Closing process for our client/partners. They depend on our knowledge and the relentless attention to detail that can only come with our experience earned through assisting over 100 financial institutions in overcoming their SBA loan challenges.


We can also come in on a one-off basis with the same focus and dedication to lenders who may need an occasional boost in the capabilities of their SBA Loan departments. LRM makes sure that documents are painstakingly prepared, organized and packaged into the proper SBA format. Our deep understanding of SBA programs helps the entire process to flow quickly and predictably.




For some lenders, we act as a safety net, simply providing a second set of eyes to make sure that no detail or document has been overlooked. For others needing a more active partner, we can perform comprehensive nuts and bolts documentation, verification and packaging services.


When navigating SBA Loan programs, compliance is everything. With LRM on your team, lenders receive our Best Practices that will provide more confidence when facing an SBA review.


Whether your SBA lending team simply needs a second opinion or a more comprehensive loan evaluation, underwriting, packaging and closing service, LRM is ready to put over thirty-five years of SBA expertise to work for your lending institution.


Contact LRM Lender Consultants at 877-576-0819 and let’s talk about how LRM can be a key resource for all of your SBA lending needs.

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