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An SBA Geek in your Back Pocket?

We pride ourselves on being geeky about SBA 7(a) loans. Sure, some of our friends and family think that’s a little odd, but the simple fact is, we love what we do: providing lender consulting services for our clients.

And our clients appreciate having experts on hand, ready to answer questions at the drop of a hat – or, rather, the ring of a phone.

Here’s a few of the reasons clients come to us for our expertise.

  • Experienced teams recognize that there are sometimes significant gray areas – areas open to interpretation – with a particular deal. You might think it’s eligible. You might be pretty sure it’s eligible. But to be absolutely sure, to clear up that gray fog, these clients rely on us to point out pitfalls, double-check their opinion, and provide confidence in the final decision.

  • Sometimes your in-house SBA geek leaves. And now you’ve got a big hole in your SBA expertise. Hiring a replacement might be on your to-do list, but in the meantime, dare we say it … who’re you gonna call? We’re here to provide those much-needed lender consulting services!

  • Perhaps you’ve recently formed an SBA team, and they’re enthusiastic but relatively inexperienced. You know enough to know this is a dangerous time, as your team gains understanding, but could be making mistakes along the way. Having a couple of SBA geeks – excuse us, we mean experienced SBA lender consultants! – just a phone call or email away is reassuring for everyone, and a great way for your people to learn.

  • Your business development folks are great at doing what they do best: understanding a client’s needs and suggesting options. Yay! But sometimes the BDO doesn’t know what they don’t know, and that can lead to trouble – especially if they’re particularly, let’s say, assertive with the SBA team. Having experienced SBA lender service providers at the touch of a phone button helps prevent problems when a BDO might not have the back-of-house knowledge needed to make the best choices for clients and for the bank.

Providing support on an as-needed retainer basis is sincerely one of our favorite things to do. We know what it’s like to have questions and not know where to turn. How many times have you needed a workaround for ETran, had to whip a form or checklist into submission, or needed to create SBA training on last-minute changes? We’ve been there, done that, and we’ve built resources and developed relationships that help you get those things done, quickly and accurately.

If you’d like to learn more about our lender consulting services and what it would be like for you to have us on speed-dial – SBA geeks in your back pocket! – give us a call at 877.576.0819, or drop us a line here.


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