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SBA Training for Lenders

Have you been staying on top of all the recent changes from SBA? New forms, new SOPs, a veritable snowstorm of notices and white papers – who can keep up?

We can! and we love doing it. Which is why our clients come to us to make sure their SBA teams understand all those changes.

SBA training

Here are just a few reasons why ongoing SBA lender training is important for your department.

  1. There really are a lot of recent changes. No matter how experienced your SBA team is – and many of our clients have been writing SBA 7(a) loans for some time – the sheer volume of recent changes opens the door to costly mistakes.

  2. We’re seeing that the new versions of SBA forms are often not completed accurately or completely. This leads directly to SBA screening them out during OCRM reviews or at repurchase. 

  3. Some of our clients have noticed that, as their SBA business grows, even experienced team members are making mistakes, especially when someone knowledgeable in one area of SBA work is asked to take on additional responsibility for a different process. 

  4. Speaking of those processes – SBA loan training supporting your processes and procedures often identifies ways to improve those processes and procedures, especially given the already-mentioned volume of recent changes.

Some of our clients tell us they’re “too busy” for their people to take time for training.

Don’t go down that path.

Training takes time, for sure. But not training leads to time-consuming, expensive mistakes. In some cases, those new SOPs, notices, forms, and white papers include changes to long-established processes that are no longer valid, and that leads to costly problems.

Not something any SBA Lender wants – and not something we want for you. And it’s entirely preventable. We’ve had multiple recent requests for SBA lender training, especially our Application, Eligibility, and SBA Program Overview courses.

Curious how we can help? Give us a call: 877.576.0819. Or book a meeting with us here. We look forward to seeing how we can support your SBA Lending programs!


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