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The Importance of Training...

How cross training your SBA Team can improve your Program

Your SBA Program is only as successful as the sum of its parts. And a key element to success is your people’s awareness of the overall lending picture.

It’s a given that every employee should know their job duties and perform them well. But if they don’t understand how their job fits within all the stages of your program, you’ll end up with misunderstandings – and potentially even internal power struggles – that slow your program down and impact its integrity. On the other hand, when you take a holistic approach to training, you’ll have a dynamic, synergized, and well-rounded team.

Cross-training is about your team’s overall knowledge of fundamental SBA program requirements.

When your BDOs and sales staff understand the SBA closing requirements and necessary supporting documentation, they’ll eagerly collect that documentation instead of resisting it.

When your closing staff learns about liquidation requirements, they understand how each piece of injection sourcing and documentation leads to a complete repurchase package and payment on the guaranty.

And when you cross-train on the SBA requirements, the input you receive from staff on procedures, checklists, and other tricks of the trade will further streamline your processes. We often find team members have an untapped and unappreciated depth of knowledge!

Finally, remember that SBA expects Lenders to ensure their staff is up to date on SOP requirements. Make sure you have an annual training program, and keep documentation on that training in a centralized location for SBA’s review during an OCRM audit. The more well-rounded the training program, the better for your review and your program.

Want some help implementing cross-training? LRM Lender Consultants, Inc. offers a variety of training modules covering the SBA process from origination through liquidation. Check out our website for more on SBA Training, or schedule a consultation today to discuss your training needs!


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